Sucking off My Husbands Boss

Nerves bounced around in my stomach.

The man sitting across the luxurious crystal table eyed me lasciviously, as though undressing me with his eyes. He was in a royal blue suit that was tailor-made for his body, lounging back on the sofa, with his legs crossed and a finger tapping on his chin contemplatively.

I knew he was considering the offer my husband just made. I was conflicted about whether I wanted him to accept or reject it.

Rejection meant that he would not be extending the terms of Carter’s three-million-dollar debt.

Acceptance meant that he would, but in return, Carter would let him fuck me.

I shivered at the thought.

My husband was great at many things, but business wasn’t one of them. After his real estate venture tanked, he’d done the very thing I advised him against and taken a loan from Maximillian Doherty, one of the most powerful men in London .

One of the most dangerous too.

Max had his hands in many industries, including (rumor had it) arms dealing. He held many politicians in his deep pockets. He ruled the city with an iron fist and anyone who went up against him went missing or showed up dead.

Maximillian Doherty wasn’t a man to mess with.

I warned Carter, but he insisted that Max was an old friend. That Max would give him a fair deal and understand if he needed an extension for the loan.

Long story short, he was wrong.

And, as a result, here we were.

I glanced at Carter who sat next to me, his hands squeezing together pleadingly.

“Come on, man,” he begged. “Please. Just say something.”

But Maximillian didn’t look at Carter. He kept that eagle-eyed gaze on me when he spoke, those glittering blue orbs as cold as ice but somehow burning with heat at the same time.

Frostbit fire.

I looked away.

“What do I say Carter?” Maximillian murmured, his voice a deep baritone that sent skittering sensations over my skin. “You’ve lost my money and now here you are, offering me your wife so I forget all about your debt.”

“Not forget about it,” Carter amended. “Just give me another month. I swear to God another month and I’ll have your money.”

“And you heard that I fuck wives to do that?”

“I don’t have anything else to offer you,” Carter pleaded a little pathetically.

“Hmm.” The sound was a thoughtful rumble. “She’s ok with this?”

“Yeah.” I sensed Carter was looking at me, but I didn’t look back, instead inspecting all the other elements of the spacious office. Like the Italian leather embossed on the walls. Or the ceiling-to-floor windows that show the glittering lights in the distance.

Everything about this man spoke of a life I couldn’t even dream of.

“I want to hear that from her,” Maximillian said, and I heard him get up. My heart jumped in my throat as I looked over in time to see him stroll toward me. He was so tall that my eyeline hit the front of his trousers, where a sizeable bulge was beginning to grow behind his zipper.

Oh God. My heart thundered in my chest. It was happening.

His spicy cologne wafted all around me as his suit came closer and closer. One large hand went down and cupped my chin, drawing my face up to meet his eyes. “I want to hear it from you.”

I swallowed. What could I say? I couldn’t exactly turn Carter down and watch us lose everything. There was no other choice. I had to sell my body, as humiliating as it was.

It wasn’t a big deal.

It was simply going to be one night of meaningless sex. That was it.

“Yes,” I said, steeling myself for what would come next.

He watched me closely for a few more seconds and then he said, “Unzip my pants.”

The words snapped through me like lightning, slapping me with the reality of what was taking place. With shaking hands, I reached out, unbuckling his belt and rolling down the zip. He was commando underneath. Praying for fortitude, I reached in, finger wrapping around the thick, heavy stalk of his cock, pulling it out gently.

I didn’t look at him while I did it.

God, he felt huge.

There was a part of this that was thrilling but I didn’t want to acknowledge it. I barely wanted to acknowledge that I was doing this in the first place.

Maybe I could pretend this was something else, that I was somewhere else. Maybe I could pretend it was Carter whose cock I was holding, even though I knew it wasn’t.

After I pulled it out, I finally looked at it, gaping. My fingers didn’t meet after circling around it. And still, it grew underneath my gaze, like an angry snake with a roguish tip.

“Suck it,” Max said, his voice harsh.

I licked my lips, feeling the butterflies in my stomach. I closed my eyes trying to imagine that I wasn’t about to suck off another man in front of my husband.

I couldn’t lie though. There was something hot about it as well.

His mushroom tip filled my mouth, and I didn’t even go halfway down before I was gagging.

“Breathe through your nose,” he said, his voice even deeper, even darker. “Come on darling, you can take it.”

Darling. It did something to me.

I followed his instructions, and he pushed in deeper. My eyes watered slightly at the fullness but there was something depravingly delicious about the way he moved, so fluidly fucking in and out of my mouth.

“That’s right,” he growled. “Just like that. Your mouth feels fucking amazing. Use your tongue.’

I did and he groaned a little.

“Good girl,” he murmured as his head fell back, ecstasy filling his expression.

My clit twinged at the comment, likely emerging from its hood. God, why on earth was I getting aroused by this? I could feel the slick moisture between my legs and squeezed them together, praying no one would notice.

“You’re wet, aren’t you?”

I nearly squeaked in shock.

“Answer me.”

I nodded, shame filling my face. My husband was sitting right there.

“Touch yourself,” he ordered. “Touch yourself while you suck me off.”

I wanted to shake my head, but I couldn’t deny the command in his voice. Slowly, my hand crept under my the waistband of skirt towards my pussy, finding my panties soaked. I slipped my fingers between the lips and began strumming my clit, moaning around the cock in my mouth.

“Yes, that’s how you do it. Touch yourself you dirty girl,” Max encouraged and for some reason, his words only made me hotter. Shutting my eyes, I continued playing with my pussy, praying I didn’t come even as my arousal climbed higher and higher.

I could hear Carter making protesting sounds at the side, but I was too far gone to care.

This was all his fault anyway, I thought savagely.

“I’m going to come in your mouth,” Max said, his eyes filled with savage heat. “And you’re going to swallow every last fucking drop. You understand?”

I nodded, and he began to fuck my mouth faster, rougher. I held on, sucking wildly, adding a hint of a bite. He cursed. He finally thrust one last time, going in all the way and hitting the back of my throat. I choked but he didn’t let up. Instead, he threw his head back and released an animalistic, guttural sound as he filled my mouth with his cum.

My eyes watered and I couldn’t breathe but I obeyed him, swallowing every drop.

“Good girl.” An evil smile spread across his face. “But we’re not done yet.”